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The SQM10.16562 actuators are designed for driving air and gas dampers of oil or gas burners of small to medium capacity and afford load-dependent control of the amount of gas, oil or combustion air.

Technical Data:

Holding Torque: 15Nm

Starting Torque: 15Nm

Nominal Torque: 10Nm

Run Time At 50Hz for 90°: 29s

Run Time At 50Hz for 130°: 42s

Direction of Rotation: Anti-Clockwise

Mains voltage: AC 220 V –15 %...AC 240 V +10 %

Degree of protection: IP 40

Shaft Diameter: 10mm

Weight: 1.7 kg

Number of Auxiliary Switches: 5

Alternative Part Number:SQM 10.16562



Please click the link below to download the Technical Manual for this product

SQM Series Tech Sheet