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Honeywell Part Number: 0620820U

Nuway Part Number: C21233U

Technical Specifications for:

Honeywell / Satronic MMI810.1 MOD 40-34 Control Box:

  • MMI 810.1 MOD 40-34 Application: forced and induced draught gas burners. Caters for intermittent pilot flame.
  • Supply Voltage: 220/ 240V
  • Waiting Time at Start-up: 9s
  • Pre-purge Time: 34s
  • Pre-ignition time: Nil Ignition Safety
  • Time ts1: 5s
  • Delay time to main flame: 10s
  • Main flame establishment time: 5s
  • Reaction to loss of flame: less than 1s
  • Reset time from lockout: None.

Honeywell MMI810.1 MOD 40-34 Datasheet

Full Technical Datasheet for the 0620820U Control Box. Click the icon to open in a new window:

Honeywell MMI810.1 MOD 40 34 0620820U 240v Datasheet / Manual

Honeywell MMI 810.1 MOD 40-34 0620820U Dimensions

Honeywell MMI 810.1 MOD 40-34 Dimensions