BST KLC20 - Gas or Oil Universal Flame Detector

BST Solutions SKU: PHP8424-2

BST KLC20 - Gas or Oil Universal Flame Detector

BST Solutions SKU: PHP8424-2
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BST KLC20 Info

Manufacturer Part Numbers

BST Model Number: KLC20

Fitted To: Universal

Download the full KLC20 Technical Manual here:

Download Manual

Technical Specifications

  • Input: 230/240 V (-15/+10%)
  • Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
  • Consumption 3-4 mA
  • Switch-On Delay after energising from safety relevant self check to final operating condition typical 2 sec.
  • Switch-On delay after Flame On typical 0.5 sec.
  • Switch-Off time after Flame Off 0.5 sec.
  • max. switching current 15 mA,
  • max. switching power 0,3 W
  • max. switching voltage 280V AC / 400V DC
  • Optical Features: Spectral range 380 – 1150 nm, Peak wavelength 920 nm
  • Flicker frequencies 15 – 400 Hz
  • Switch on frequency: 52 Hz dominant flicker frequency
  • Switch off frequency: 15 Hz dominant flicker frequency
  • Acceptable loss of flame signal ca. 280 ms
  • Disturbing frequency cut off > 35Hz (optionally)
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +60 °C
  • Humidity: max. 95%, no condensation permitted
  • Optional for higher temperatures
  • Operating position: any position
  • Kind of protection: IP 41
  • Protection Class: II
  • electric shock: DIN EN 60730-2-5 (mounted)
  • weight: 0.029 kg
  • connection cable: 1 m (optional for longer cables)
  • Certification: CE0085BP0001 *


BST KLC20 Dimensions


The KLC20 is a wide band compact Flame Detector. It has been specifically designed for blue flame burners and is suitable for many light industrial and commercial applications. The sensor relies on flicker detection along with and a microporcessor converts thesignal into a digital signal that is compatible with almost all burner management systems or control boxes. No setup is necessary, and commissioning involves connecting the terminals and checking that the signal strength is ok, its as simple as that.

For gas applications, the GAS version of the KLC20 must be selected. The GAS version has DFC (disturbance frequency Cut-off) disabled. Versions without DFC should not be used on Gas burners.

The KLC20 allows for full live flame monitoring and flicker rate read out via the software and the lead. Datalogging can also be carried out and results exported for analysis using this tool.

KLC20 - Overview

KLC Connection

This is a wiring example, if you need a specific diagram for your control box (any) please contact us.

BST KLC20 Wiring Diagram Data Monitoring and Datalogging

BST Software

With the data interface KLC com, consisting of optical adapter with cable, interface (USB) and software, the following information can be read from the KLC 20:
- Impulses
- Serial Number
- Version / Edition
- present flicker frequency

For connection place the optical adapter to the opening at the LED. Via the connection cable and the interface the a.m. information will be transferred to a Laptop or PC by using the special software. Further information KLC com.

Accessories for the BST KLC20

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