Temporary Boiler Hire

30kW to 3000kW Temporary Boilers

Full range of temporary packaged boilers available for hire. These boilers are suited to temporary heating or hot water generation either for unplanned emergency backup, or in the event of planned works where the site supply must be continued.

Which Temporary Boilers Can You Supply?

Boilers are available on either Natural Gas or Oil and are supplied as standard with temporary pipework and fuel tanks where required. Fuel management can be selected to suit the application and built around you as the client. We understand that each client will have completely different requirements and can accommodate you individually.

250kW to 500kW Portable Temporary Boilers - Trailer Mounted

Our smaller range of trailer mounted temporary boilers are delivered to site in compact, light-weight simple to install purpose built containers. The compact dimensions and portability allow for easy siting and mean they can be rolled into place or craned into more awkward sites. 

These trailer based units can be supplied to suit single circuit or multiple circuit systems with headers, individual distribution pumps and calorifiers. The boilers are designed to be as versatile as possible.

Hot Water Boiler Hire

Temporary Heating Boilers - Rental

The larger 100kW - 3000KW boilers are available for both short or long term hire. These boilers are ideal for planned maintenance works, they are quick to setup and have been designed with the sites they are likely to be required at in mind. They can be positioned in small spaces and we also offer a slimline option for sites with narrow access points (such as industrial sites in city centers).

Packaged Plants Rooms

These packaged plant rooms can be modified before delivery to suit your specific site requirements. As standard these containers are 20ft long. The 3000kW output is the largest output available in the UK in the smallest footprint.

These container based boilers and hot water systems are designed to cover either planned maintenance or refurbishment of your existing plant room or emergency downtime.

Fuel Management Options - Temporary Boilers and Tanks

We understand that you may have an existing fuel supplier and that pricing is always extremely important. As the customer you decide the fuel management package to suit your preferences. We can offer 'fully managed packages' or simply site the tank and leave the fuel management to you. Our fully managed package includes remote monitoring of the fuel levels in your tank along with live consumption monitoring. In these instances we look after the  replenishment of fuel and can guarantee zero downtime. If this is not required we are happy to simply site the tank and leave the fuel side to you as the customer, we can work with you and build a package to suit you.

Hot Water Boiler Temporary Hire

Request A Temporary Boiler Hire Quote

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