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Siemens SKP75.001E2 230v

Nuway Part Number: E08219K

SKP75.001E2 electro-hydraulic actuators are used in combination with VGxxx.xxxU gas valve bodies to provide slow opening, fast closing safety shut-off and, depending on model gas pressure regulation and air/gas ratio control for industrial and commercial burner applications. Since safety shut-off, constant pressure regulation or air/gas ratio control can be performed by a single valve, fewer gas train components and fittings are required to assemble a gas train. This significantly reduces both the size and weight of the gas train. The total pressure drop across the gas train arrangement is reduced, allowing for the use of smaller diameter gas trains in most applications.

The compact SKP75.001E2 Gas Valve actuator opens slowly when powered and closes immediately upon power interruption. The modular design allows the SKPx5.xxxUx to be used in combination with all VGxxx.xxxU gas valves bodies from ½" to 6" sizes. The actuator can easily be mounted on the square flange of any VGxxx.xxxU valve with four pre-mounted screws. No gaskets or seals are required when mounting the actuator. A visible position indicator on the front of the actuator displays the entire stroke of the valve. A light indicates when the actuator is powered.


  • UL listed, FM approved, CSA certified, IRI approval, and ISO 9001 certified, European, Australian and Japanese approved versions available.
  • Proof of Closure with Over Travel (POC) option.
  • Optional NEMA 4 protection.
  • Visual position indication.
  • "Power on" indication light.
  • Quick connect wiring terminals.
  • Optional adjustable auxiliary switch.
  • Modular design with 360° actuator rotation for easy field wiring and installation.
  • Low (10 VA typical), power consumption.



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SKP Series Tech Sheet

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