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Siemens QRB3 Photocell

von Siemens
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£28.94 - £39.99
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Options: QRB3 (without clamp and flange)

Siemens QRB3 Photocell

The Siemens QRB3 photocell is used for the supervision of oil flames in the visible light spectrum. The QRB3 has been designed to supervise yellow burning oil flames in connection with burner controls LAL, LME, LMV and LOA.

The maximum spectral sensitivity of the QRB3 is about 600nm. It is supplied with a metal protective tube that has an external diameter of 17mm.

Technical Data:

Model Number: WITHOUT Clamp & Flange: QRB3

Model Number: WITH Clamp & Flange: QRB3(1)

Weight: approx 35g without cable