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Siemens LFL1.322 230v Burner Control Box

von Siemens
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Siemens Landis LFL1.322 230V Burner Control Box

Nuway Part Number: C21223S

Siemens Part Number: BPZ:LFL1.322


The LFL1.322 230V burner control box is for gas, oil or dual-fuel forced draft burners of medium to high capacity and multistage or modulating burners in intermittent operation, with checked air damper control.

Siemens LFL1.322 Control Box Design Specifications

If on startup, the required input signals are not present, the burner control interrupts the startup sequence at the points marked by symbols and initiates lockout where required by safety regulations. The symbols used in this Data Sheet correspond to those on the burner control’s lockout indicator.


  • The LFL1.322 230V control box is for the control and supervision of forced draft burners of direct spark flame or interrupted pilot construction.
  • For medium to high capacity and for intermittent operation.
  • For universal use with multistage or modulating burners.


  • Operating Voltage: 230V
  • Made of impact-proof and heat-resistant black plastic
  • Lockout reset button with a viewing window showing
  • Plug-in base and connectors of the LFL1.322 are designed such that only LFL1 type burner controls can be plugged in
  • With 24 connection terminals
  • IP Rating: IP40
  • Temperature: -20° C - +60° C

LFL1.322 230V Dimensions

LFL1.322 230v Control Box Dimensions

Control Boxes Height Width Depth
LFL1.322 230V 123mm 103mm 103mm