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Siemens LDU11.523A17 - 110V

Nuway Part Number: C21153U

Siemens Part Number: BPZ:LDU11.523A17


The LDU11.523A17 control box valve proving system is designed for use with shutoff valves in connection with gas burners and gas appliances. In the event of inadmissible leakage, the system prevents the burner from starting up. The LDU11.523A17 system conforms to the requirements of EN1643 covering automatic shutoff valves for use with gas burners and gas appliances to EN161.

LDU11.523 A17 Gas Valve Proving System Applications

The LDU11.523A17 is designed for automatic gas valve proving (leakage test) based on the pressure proving principle. It is for use on gas-fired combustion plant with or without vent pipe to atmosphere. In the case of plants with no vent pipe where EN standards apply, the notes given in «Connection examples without vent pipe to atmosphere» must be observed.

If the pressure increases excessively during the first test phase called «Test1», or decreases excessively during the second test phase called «Test2», the LDU11.523A17 will inhibit burner startup and initiate lockout. In that case, the lockout reset button will light up to indicate the fault. Remote indication of the fault is also possible. A program indicator, which stops whenever a fault occurs, indicates which of the valves is leaking. The LDU11 can be reset either on the unit itself or via an electric remote reset facility.


  • t3 (Filling the test space): 5s
  • t4 (Evacuating the test space): 5s 
  • 3 (Filling the test space): 5s
  • Supply Voltage: 110VAC
  • IP Rating: IP40
  • Operation Temperature: -20 - +60 °C
  • Mounting Position: Optional
  • Weight: Approx. 1kg

Siemens LDU Dimensions

LDU11 110v Dimensions

Control Box Height Width Depth
LDU11.523A17 110V 123mm 103mm 103mm