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Siemens AZL52 Operator Display For LMV5

von Siemens
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Model Number: AZL52.00B1

Display and Operating Unit For LMV5 Controllers

AZL52 Model Numbers (Language sets):

 Article Number Country Group Languages
BPZ:AZL52.00B1 Western Europe 1 English (en), German (de), French (fr), Spanish (es), Italian (it), Portuguese (pt)
BPZ:AZL52.01B1 Eastern Europe English (en), Polish (pl), Hungarian (hu), Czech (cs), Croatian (hr), Slovenian (sl)
BPZ:AZL52.02B1 Western Europe English (en), Dutch (nl), Danish (da), Swedish (sv), Norwegian (no), Finnish (fi)
BPZ:AZL52.09B1 Eastern Europe Cyrillic English (en), Russian (ru), German (de) Bulgarian (bg), Turkish (tr), Romanian (ro)

Western Europe 1

(American Parameter set)

English (en), German (de), French (fr), Spanish (es), Italian (it), Portuguese (pt)

The AZL52 with LCD clear text and menu-driven operation affords straightforward operation and targeted diagnostics. For diagnostics, the LCD shows the operating states, the type of fault and the point in time the fault occurred. The parameter setting levels for the burner / boiler manufacturer and heating engineer are password-protected to prevent unauthorised access.

Basic settings that the plant operator can make on site do not require a password.

Among other features, the unit affords convenient read-out of settings and operating states, parameterisation of the LMV5, and trend recording. When replacing the LMV5, all parameters can be saved in a backup memory of the AZL52 to be loaded back into the LMV5.

This means that reprogramming is not required.

Technical Data

Operating voltage 24 V~ -15 % / +10 %

Power consumption <5 W (typically)

Degree of protection of housing

Rear - IP00 to IEC 529

Front - IP54 to IEC 529 when installed

Safety class I, with parts according to II and III to DIN EN 60730-1


  • Detached unit for flush panel mounting
  • Text display 4x16 characters
  • 4 silicone buttons
  • Realtime clock and e-bus interface to BACS
  • West European parameter set
  • Modbus interface