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Siemens Servo Motor - SQM48.497 A9


The SQM servo motors are reversible, suitable for use with controllers or switching devices with changeover contacts. The SQM48.497’s cams can be manually adjusted if needed. The servo motor drives the shaft via the gear train, attached to the drive shaft is a set of cams that actuate the end and auxiliary switches.

The SQM 48 series has a torque rating of up to 20Nm's and a running time of 30s - 120s. This series also features a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

Siemens SQM48.497 Servo Motor Applications

Siemens SQM48.497 A9 Motors are suitable for controlling gas and oil valves and dampers.


  • The SQM48 servo motor has a dark grey heat resilient and impact-proof cover.
  • The housing is made up of die-cast aluminium and has four threaded holes for cable glands.
  • The reduction gearing has self-lubricating sinter bronze bearings and requires no maintenance.

SQM Servo Motor Dimensions

Siemens SQM Height Width Depth
SQM48.497 120mm 120mm 164mm
SQM50.483 120mm 120mm 164mm
SQM50.424 120mm 120mm 164mm