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Honeywell Part Number: 02524

Nuway Part Number: C21604X

Technical Specifications for:

Honeywell TF974 230v Control Box:

  • Honeywell TF 974 Application: Oil Burners up to 30kg/h with oil preheater
  • Supply Voltage: 220/ 240V
  • Pre-purge time: 12s
  • Pre-igniton time: 12s
  • Post-ignition time: 20s
  • Lockout safety time: 10s
  • Delay time to oil valve 2: 20s
  • Reset time from lockout: 60s

Honeywell TF974 Datasheet

Full Technical Datasheet for the 02524 Control Box. Click the icon to open in a new window:

Honeywell TF 974 02524 230v Datasheet / Manual

Honeywell TF 974 02524 Dimensions

Honeywell TF 974 Dimensions