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Econex PED010 Differential Pressure Switch - 1 - 10mbar


The Econex PED010 differential pressure switch from the PED series is designed for the use on domestic and industrial combustion plants for the detection of the pressure of gas belonging to the first, second and third family and air.


  • Can be installed in horizontal (preferred) or vertical position.
  • Adjustable tolerance ± 15%.
  • Electrical connection: male fast-on 6.3 x 0.8 mm.
  • Air connection: silicone or polyamide.
  • Die-cast aluminium base support, Brass housing.
  • 250VAC, IP54 / IP44
  • Ambient temperature: -15 / +60 C.
  • All have a max pressure of 100mbar.

PED010 Pressure Switch Application

They are normally applied to the most common combustion plants like furnaces, boilers, dryers and compact burners.

Pressure Switch Models

Econex PED Height Width Length Pressure Range
PED003 42.6mm 72mm 72mm 0.4 - 3.0mbar
PED005 42.6mm 72mm 72mm 2.0 - 10mbar
PED010 42.6mm 72mm 72mm 2.5 - 50mbar