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Econex FE2100F Gas Filter


Gas filters are commonly used in the oil and gas power generating industries to provide optimum performance whilst decreasing downtime and lowering the number of services needed.

The FE2100F 4" gas filters stop the passage of dust or debris particles carried by the gas to protect regulating and safety devices. There are several versions including threaded and flanged connections. The maintenance of these gas filters is made easy from washable synthetic material.

FE2100F Gas Filter Applications

Econex FE2100F gas filters are suitable for use with gases belonging to the first, second and third family. Biogas up to 0.1% max volume of dry H2S, neutral gases and air.


  • Die-cast aluminium body
  • Synthetic washable material
  • 2 or 6 bar
  • 50-nanometre filtering capacity
  • Ambient temperature: -20 C/+70 C.
  • Installation in any position
  • Easy replacement of the filter cartridge

Gas Filter Dimensions

Econex FE Flanged Height Width Depth
FE265F 2.5" RP 180mm 198mm 290mm
FE280F 3" RP 195mm 198mm 310mm
FE2100F 4" RP 211mm 254mm 350mm