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Econex BFV125B 5" Butterfly Shut Off Valve - 500mbar Max


A butterfly valve is a shut-off valve that can either allow or stop the flow of air or gas. The BFV125B 5" Butterfly valve in closed position blocks the valve bore stopping air flow, in the open position, the disc inside the valve turns 90 degrees allowing the flow of gas or air. Econex BFV butterfly valves can be used extensively, due to their narrow profile, they can be fitted where a different type of gas valve wouldn't fit. BFV125B 5" butterfly valves can be operated using handles, gears or actuators depending on the application requirements.

BFV125B 5" Butterfly Valve Applications

Econex BFV125B butterfly valves are suitable for use with gases belonging to the first, second and third family, and also air.


  • Installation in any position.
  • Max. pressure: 500 mbar
  • Aluminium body.
  • Control ratio - 10:1
  • Ambient temperature: -10 C/+60 C for gas, -10 C / +80 C for air.
  • Sturdy, compact construction. Suitable for industrial application.
  • Mechanical position indicator

Butterfly Valve Dimensions

Econex BFV Height Width Depth
BFV100B 4" 192mm 162mm 52mm
BFV125B 5" 204mm 192mm 56mm
BFV150B 6" 216mm 217mm 56mm