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Dungs MVD 207/5 Safety Shutoff Valve - 121962

von Dungs
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£171.07 - £188.18
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Voltage: 230V

Dungs MVD 207/5 Gas Safety Shutoff Valve


The Dungs MVD 207/5 series are electrically operated normally closed, automatic safety shutoff valves for gas burners and gas appliances.

The Dungs MVD207/5 safety shutoff valve applications include commercial and industrial applications that require one or two safety shutoff valves. This MVD safety valve is suitable for use with gases such as dry natural gas, butane, propane, air and inert gases.

Dungs MVD207/5 In Use

Dungs MVD 207/5 Gas Valve Features

The Dungs Dual Modular Valve (DMV) features a compact profile resulting in a low pressure drop whilst reducing the overall size of the gas shutoff valve. The valves can be wired in parallel or independently, the Dungs MVD also makes it possible to make a compact valve train without any extra piping.

  • Closing time: Under 1s
  • Max. close off pressure 15 PSI (1000 mbar) on all models
  • IP Rating: IP52
  • Reliable, quiet operation; rugged and low maintenance.
  • From vertically upright to horizontal.
  • Weight: Approx. 800g
MVD207/5 Dimensions

Dungs MVD Dimensions

Control Box Height Width Depth
MVD 203/5 155mm 70mm 75mm
MVD 205/5 155mm 70mm 75mm
MVD 207/5 190mm 80mm 100mm