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Dungs MB-ZRDLE 420 B01 S52 Multibloc Gas Valve

von Dungs
Original price £1,202.34 - Original price £1,322.57
Original price
£1,202.34 - £1,322.57
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Voltage: 110V

Dungs MBZRDLE 420 B01 S52 Multibloc Gas Valve


The MB-ZRDLE 420 B01 S52 multibloc gas valve integrates a filter, regulator, valves and pressure switches in one small package to decrease installation and commissioning times. One of the main features of this gas valve is the dual-stage operation and a partial volume setting.

Suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media.

The MBZRDLE 420 has two double-seat valves, they are controlled separately with the S52 model.

This Dungs MB-ZRDLE modular system permits individual solutions by using external ignition gas tap in connection with separately controlled valves, by adding a valve proving system, mini/maxi pressure switches, pressure limiters, limit switch and closing stroke limiter at valve V2, regulator blocking for liquid gas applications.

Dungs MBZRDLE 420 S52 In Use

MBZRDLE 420 B01 S52 Multibloc Gas Valve Features

Pressure switches can be additionally fitted to the MBZRDLE 420 as valves, the GW A5 and GW A2 pressure switches are suitable for this gas valve. It also features two solenoid valves; the first is fast opening and fast closing; the second is slow opening and fast closing.

  • Nominal Diameter: DN 50
  • Pressure [bar] Max: 360 mBar
  • Ambient operating temperature: -15 °C to +70 °C
  • Output Pressure: 4 mBar - 50 mBar
  • IP Protection: IP54
  • Valve 2 Opening Time: 50 seconds approx.
  • Fine mesh dirt trap.
  • High flow rates with low-pressure drop.
  • Compact and lightweight.
Dimensions For MBZRDLE 420 S52

Dungs MBZRDLE Dimensions

Gas Valve Type Height Width Depth
MBZRDLE 420 S22 400mm 100mm 283mm
MBZRDLE 420 S50 400mm 100mm 283mm
MBZRDLE 420 S52 400mm 100mm 283mm