Danfoss BFP 41 L3L Oil Pump - 071N8213

Danfoss SKU: PHP1222

Danfoss BFP 41 L3L Oil Pump - 071N8213

Danfoss SKU: PHP1222
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Danfoss BFP 41 L3 Features

The Danfoss BFP 41 L3 oil pumps are designed for small/medium-sized domestic oil burners up to 24 l/h.

Danfoss Part Number: 071N8213

Ecoflam Part Number: 65327113

Nuway Part Number: E02168AD

  • Light oil and Kerosene
  • 2 pipe operation
  • 1 Stage
  • Clockwise rotation
  • Solenoid Valve Cut-off

Pump Flow Rates

Danfoss BFP 41 L3 Fuel Pump


Danfoss BFP 41 L3 Dimensions

071N8213 Oil Pump Dimensions

Danfoss BFP 41 L3 Datasheet

Full Technical Datasheet for the 071N8213 Pump. Click the icon to open in a new window:

BFP 41 L3 071N8213 Datasheet / Manual


1 or 2 stage 1
Actuator type NC
Ambient temperature [°C] [Max] 70 °C
Ambient temperature [°C] [Min] -20 °C
Application area Domestic
Application type Domestic
Capacity [l/h] 24 L/h
Capacity group 0-24
Capacity range [l/h] [Max] 24 L/h
Capacity range [l/h] [Min] 0 L/h
Closing function Cut-off
Comments Rotation and nozzle/pressure outlet are always determined viewing from the shaft end of the pump.
Definition point [l/h] 2800 min-1, 10 bar, 4.3 cSt
Description BFP41L3
Factory pressure setting [bar] 10 bar
Filter area [cm²] 11 cm2
Filter grade [µm] 200
Filter type Cartridge
Flats/key on the shaft 1 flat
Nozzle/pressure outlet L + R
Number of stages 1
Oil pump speed [op/min] 3450 op/min
Oil type Kerosene/Light oil

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