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Detailed Specifications

Series: Three Phase Electric Motors - Aluminum Frame
Motor type: UMHA 132M-4 IE2
Poles: 4
Output: 7.5 kW / 10 Cv
Speed (min-1): 1455 RPM
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 400 V
Current: 14.7 A
Temperature rise Class: B
Insulation class: F
Weight: 59.5 Kg
Power factor (Cos √ò): 0.83
Efficiency 50%: 88.7 %
Efficiency 75%: 88.9 %
Efficiency 100%: 88.7 %
Noise: 75 Db(A)
Torque: 49.2 N.m
Tstarting/Tnominal: 2.0
Istarting/Inominal: 7.4
Tmaximum/Tnominal: 2.3
Bearing DE: 6308 2Z C3
Bearing NDE: 6308 2Z C3

Quick Look Specs

  • 7.5kW / 10.0HP Output
  • 4 Pole - 1500rpm
  • Rated for Inverter Use
  • B3 Foot Mounted
  • Frame Size 132M
  • IP Protection: IP55
  • Class F Insulation
  • Class B Temperature Rise
  • Continuous Duty: S1

Features and Use

These 7.5kW aluminium frame 3 phase motors are designed to be both light and robust. Featuring IP55 protection and Class F Insulation, these motors are built to last. 

This motor is well suited to use on a burner fan assembly and is inverter rated. The motor can also be used on a wide variety of gas boosters.


Height Width Length Weight Shaft Diameter Shaft Length Keyway Width
324mm 252mm 477mm 59.5kg 38mm 80mm 10mm


Motor Datasheet