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Gas, Oil & Dual Fuel High-Tech Low Emission Burners

Dreizler are recognised specialists for firing systems of all kinds. The range of standard CE approved burners ranges from 100kW to 44MW, with specialised combustion equipment for specialty industrial gaseous and liquid fuels.

Burners supplied by Dreizler are always special. Unique in quality, technology, durability and functionality: Dreizler products have enjoyed a first class international reputation for over 40 years. Well-known boiler manufacturers, planners and operators have placed their trust in Dreizler technology for generations. This has led to installations on a world-wide scale of more than sixty thousand Dreizler forced draught burners and over a million atmospheric Dreizler gas burners. Dreizler development has always followed new innovative paths with their international partners. This guarantees a head start in technology compared to competitors and provides Dreizler customers with the best solution available on the market.

Dreizler are leaders in the field of environmental protection with scientifically and technically optimised firing systems which ensure that resources are protected, energy is saved and emissions of toxic elements and noise are reduced.

The centre of production of Dreizler burners is located in Spaichingen in South West Germany and have branch offices in China and Russia and are represented in 21 countries and over 45 international OEM companies who use Dreizler products. We supply professional project management, Technical Assistance and On-Site Service.

Dreizler Spare Parts

We can supply ALL Dreizler spares. We choose not list them on our shop as they are specialist parts. You can either call us and we can generate a quote specific to the 'Serial Number' of the Dreizler burner, or if you are looking to purchase more regularly, we operate a B2B Shop for which access is opened 'upon request'.

Dreizler Burner Quote

Are you looking for a new install or a replacement burner for your plant od boiler? We can help to spec the correct burner to your requirements. We use Dreizler trained engineers who are capable of delivering the high level of quality required for these burners. Email us your initial requirements and we can organise a quote to suit the required parameters.

What Can Dreizler Offer?

Dreizler manufacture very high quality Low NOX Burners. As experienced installers, with engineers who specialise in Dreizler burners, we can assist with any Dreizler query you might have, be it a full install of a brand new burner, a service or spare parts related.

With access to all of Dreizler's technical documentation, should you require a spare part for a Dreizler burner, all we need is the model and serial number and we can supply the part for you. We are adding products to our website all the time, so if you cannot see the specific spare you require, please just call us or drop us an email and we will do our best to help you out.

Marathon® Burner Type


The marathon® burner type is CE type tested. For more than 25 years dreizler have been manufacturing proven gas, dual fuel and oil burners up to 44MW.

The marathon® burners are used in the heating and steam generation with typical boilers in 2-pass, 3-pass or water tube construction and for applications in accordance with EN 676 and EN 267. marathon® series burners are available in Monobloc and Duobloc version.


Version MONObloc

Gas burner marathon® M…(ARZ) M 121 - M 10001.4

Range of capacity: 25 kW - 16.500 kW

Version DUObloc

Gas burner marathon® M…(ARZ) M 10003.1 - M 10003.8

Range of capacity: 1400 kW – 44.000 kW

Technical Specifications
  • Modulating control
  • Adjustment range up to 1:10
  • Mechanical, electronical or pneumatic linkage optional depending on the application
  • LOW NOx with the dreizler® ARZ-System proven in tens of thousands of systems
  • Fuels: natural gas, liquid gas, town gas, biogas, special gases
  • Burner ready to plug
  • O2- and CO-regulation oxygen / oxygen plus
  • Speed control frequency
  • Noise dam cap, series and optional
  • CE-certified according to EN 676

Burner Series CALORAbloc®


The CALORAbloc® range is a modular and and can be configured to meet your needs. The Duobloc design, allowing for flexible placement of the air fan allows it to be easily configured to suit your needs.

The CALORAbloc® are designed to comply with the requirements of EN 746-2 for for industrial process technology.

Typical applications are i.e. burner installations with air preheating up to 200°C, incineration of contaminated air, thermal post combustion in baking ovens, industrial process heat generation with combustion chamber temperatures of more than 750°C and several combustion installations on one combustion chamber. The type series CALORAbloc® is only equipped in the Duobloc version for special flexibility.


Gas burner CALORAbloc® CBG

CBG 5003.1 - CBG 10003.5

Range of capacity: 700 kW – 25.000 kW

Dual fuel burner CALORAbloc® CBC

CBC 5003.1 - CBC 10003.5

Range of capacity: 700 kW – 25.000 kW

Oil burner CALORAbloc® CBO

CBO 5003.1 - CBO 10003.5

Range of capacity: 700 kW – 25.000 kW

Technical Specifications
  • Burner bloc with air and fuel supply
  • Separate combustion air fans selectable
  • High ratio control up to 1:50
  • Mechanical, electronical or pneumatic linkage
  • LOW NOx operation with internal flue gas recirculation ARZ, ARZsuper and dreizler hollowflame®
  • Fuels: Natural gas, liquid gas, heating oil EL, combustion of pyrolysis oil, noxious gas or emission combustion, special gases
  • O2- and CO-regulation oxygen / oxygen plus
  • Speed control frequency

Burner Type Series MAGMAblue®


The ULTRALOW-NOx technology surface combustion of gas to generate heat & steam to operate boilers was successfully applied by dreizler® according to the Gas and Pressure Equipment Directive for decades.

The new technology MAGMAblue® enables an important improvement of the flame geometry and emission class by the complete premix of natural gas and air on the suction side of the fan (Applied for patent).

MAGMAblue® burners combine characteristics of excellent LOW-NOx emissions and optimal air ratios Lambda with minimal noise emissions and very low requirements to the necessary combustors. Smaller combustion chambers are possible for industrial users and boiler manufacturers.


Cylindric burner up to Ø 315 x 500 mm

MAGMAblue® M…Z…

Range of capacity: 72 – 1160 kW

Flat burner up to Ø 400 mm

MAGMAblue® M…F…

Range of capacity: 3 – 1250 kW

Strip burner up to L = 5000 mm

MAGMAblue® M…L…

Range of capacity: 2 – 325 kW

Technical Specifications
  • Premix gas/air mixing in the suction part of the fan
  • Adjustment range up to 1:10
  • Easy burner adjustment
  • Efficient EC motor with speed control
  • Low noise operation behaviour
  • LOW NOx: less than 15 mg/kWh NOx emission
  • Fuel gas types: natural gas, liquid gas
  • Tested according to EN 676 forced draught burners for gaseous fuels and EN 746-2 Thermal process systems
  • Surface performance up to 16 MW/m2

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