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    1 Produkt
    Suntec SL1 Oil Valve Actuator - Replaces Dungs VE131

    Oil Valves

    Solenoid operated Oil Valves usually handle combustion system pilot, main-line fuel shutoff and control needs. Our range of Oil Valves valves are available in 2-way normally closed, normally open, manual reset, and 3-way diversion. We can supply valves in brass, aluminium, and stainless steel with extras including pipe taps, visual indication, EN161 approved, and pipe connections from G1/8" to G1". Most valves are rated for -40ºC service for outdoor installation in frigid climates.

    We quote Oil Valves on a custom basis as the variety is huge, please contact us for a quote. We supply SUNTEC, ASCON, DUNGS, Kromshchroder and many others.

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