Suntec T Series Pumps

4 Produkte

    4 Produkte
    Suntec T4A 10 6-Fuel Pump
    Suntec T4A 10 6
    Suntec T3C 10 6-Fuel Pump
    Suntec T3C 10 6
    Suntec T2C 10 6-Fuel Pump
    Suntec T2C 10 6
    Suntec T4C 10 7 Oil Pump - Fuel Pump
    Suntec T4C 10 7 Oil Pump

    Suntec T Series Pumps

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    The Suntec T series pumps are very similar to the TA pumps but designed for use in industrial applications with high capacity demands. Designed for use with B10 heating oil/biofuel, Light Oil, Heavy Oil and Kerosene in conjunction with single or dual pipe setups.

    A SUNTEC TV valve is recommended when using this pump.

    Pre-Heating Function

    Care should be taken to avoid starting pump with high viscosity cold oil leading to pump and coupling damage. For this reason, the TA pump body includes a cavity to accept an electric preheater. This cavity has been located to give maximum heat transfer from the heater to the oil in the pump without direct contact between the heater cartridge and the oil.

    Heaters should be connected for a period of time prior to starting the pump. When the right temperature is reached, they can be switched off or left permanently switched on to maintain fluid oil in the pump during the periodic burner shut-downs.

    The oil supply, pipes and filters must be separately heated.


    Rotation of these pumps is determined by viewing the pump from the shaft end.

    SUNTEC T Series Pump
    SUNTEC T Series Pump Dimensions
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