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    Suntec AM Pumps

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    The Suntec AM Series of pump are a modulating pumps designed for modulating oil burners and condensing boilers. These compact pumps are designed to offer continuous power independently of motor speed or oil temperatures.

    Modulating Oil Pump

    When energised by the coil of the modulating solenoid, the plunger of the piston pump creates a reciprocating movement which increases the pressure of the oil. The output pressure of the oil linearly depends on the supply voltage of the coil. An integrated pulsation damper stabilises the outlet pressure. A pressure sensor port, located after the cut-off solenoid valve, allows the control of the piston pump coil.


    Rotation of these pumps is determined by viewing the pump from the shaft end.

    Pump Options

    If the Part number has a K at the end, it is suitable for use with Kerosene.

    If the Part Number has a V in, it is fitted with Viton Seals.

    SUNTEC AM Pump Decipher

    SUNTEC AM Pump

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