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    The Suntec AL Series of pump are a light oil pump designed for use on a 1 or 2 pipe system. The AL series of pumps incorporate a blocking solenoid valve with an in-line cut-off function.

    Solenoid Operation

    The solenoid valve of the AL pump is of the "normally closed" type and is situated in the nozzle line. This design ensures extremely fast response and the switching can be selected according to the burner operating sequence and is independent of motor speed. When the solenoid is non-activated, the valve is closed and all oil pressurized by the gear set passes through the regulator to the suction or return line, depending upon pipe arrangement. As soon as the solenoid is activated, oil passes to the nozzle line at the pressure set by the pressure regulating valve.

    Rotation of these pumps is determined by viewing the pump from the shaft end.

    If the Part number has a K at the end, it is suitable for use with Kerosene.

    If the Part Number has a V in, it is fitted with Viton Seals.

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    SUNTEC AL Pump

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