Suntec AE Pumps

1 Produkt

    1 Produkt
    Suntec AE 47C 7568-Fuel Pump
    Suntec AE 47C 7568

    The Suntec AE Series of pump are a light oil pump designed for use on a 1 or 2 pipe system.

    Rotation of these pumps is determined by viewing the pump from the shaft end.

    If the Part number has a K at the end, it is suitable for use with Kerosene.

    If the Part Number has a V in, it is fitted with Viton Seals.

    If you are trying to work out the existing pump on your burner, please use the image to work out what the numbers and letter refer to.

    SUNTEC AE Pump Decipher

    SUNTEC AE Pump

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