Feed Water Pumps

4 Produkte

    4 Produkte
    TP100 Water Pump Motor 2.2kW Viton Seals - Fulton-Water Pump
    TP100 Water Pump Motor 2.2kW Viton Seals - Fulton
    Grundfos Water Pump CR1S-27 415V - 96515570-Water Pump
    Grundfos Water Pump CR1s-27 415V - 96515570
    Grundfos Water Pump CR1-23 415V-Water Pump
    Grundfos Water Pump CR1-23 415V
    Grundfos Water Pump CR1S-23 415V - 97523802-Water Pump
    Grundfos Water Pump CR1s-23 415V - 97523802

    Water Feed Pumps For Steam Boilers

    We can supply the full range of Grundfos Feed Water Pumps. With good stock of the most common models we can turn around an order the same day if you have a production boiler thats down. If you cannot see the model reuired, just contact us by email or phone and we will give you a price.

    Grundfos Water Feed Pumps

    Grundfos' unique feeding pumps for steam boilers offer unsurpassed efficiency in a variety of industrial processes. Each multistage pump is capable of feeding the boiler between 0.5 and 180 m3 water per hour, and the volume is easily increased by installing more pumps.

    Designed to withstand the high pressure, the high media and ambient temperatures and the significant number of starts and stops encountered in boiler applications, the pumps have been optimised in every aspect – and are even capable of efficiently handling poor inlet conditions. The pumps can further be supplied with an air-cooled top that protects the shaft seal from any damage caused by high temperatures.

    Water Feed Pumps - Grundfos

    Grundfos CR1 Vertical Multistage Pumps

    The basic CR pump range is available in four different materials: cast iron, two grades of stainless steel and titanium. Thirteen flow sizes are capable of producing up to 180 m3/h at 50 bar, with a variety of shaft seals, rubber materials and supply voltages.

    Grundfos optimise pump parts that are typically vulnerable to difficult liquids or demanding operating conditions.


    Balanced shaft seal

    Wear-resistant bearing material

    Laser-welded impellers

    Energy-optimised pumps (EU minimum efficiency index (MEI) benchmark of MEI ≥ 0.70)

    Premium efficiency IE3/IE4 motors

    Easy service, minimal downtime

    High pressure

    High temperature

    Difficult liquids

    Technical data

    Sizes: 13 – from 1-150 (basic pump range)

    Head max: 50 bar

    Flow max: 184 m3/h

    Temperature range from -40 to 180 °C

    Motor range from 0.37 to 75 kW

    Material versions: CR, CRI, CRN and CRT

    Grundfos Feed Water Pump Brochure


    Grundfos CR Pump Brochure
    Download the Grundfos CR1 Brochure here
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