Damper Actuators & Servo Motors

15 Produkte

    15 Produkte
    Siemens SQN31.402A1700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN70.424 A20 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.151
    Siemens SQN30.151A2700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.111A2700 Servo Motor
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    Siemens SQN30.251A2700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.402A2700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN75.244 A21 Servo Motor-Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN75.244 A21 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN70.224A20 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN31.402 A2730 Servo Motor-Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN31.402A2730 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN31.401 A2700 Servo Motor-Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN31.401A2700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN31.251 A2700 Servo Motor-Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN31.251A2700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN31.121 A2700 Servo Motor-Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN31.121A2700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.402 A1700 Servo Motor-Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.402A1700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.401 A2700 Servo Motor-Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.401A2700 Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.121 A2700 Servo Motor-Servo Motor
    Siemens SQN30.121A2700 Servo Motor

    Complete range of Servo and Damper Motors available here at Power Heating Plants. All of the big brands such as Siemens, Econex, and even the odd Kromschroder damper motor...

    What are Damper Motors?

    They are compact motors, with a built in gear set. They are used to control butterfly or similar type restrictors. Damper motors are extremely common in HVAC applications. On burners they are frequently used to modulate the air or gas flow, allowing for better control and increasing the flexibility of the burner, whilst increasing efficiency by saving any otherwise wasted fuel.

    When selecting a Damper motor (Servo Motor) there are quite a number of variables to check. These include the torque output of the motor, usually measured in NM (Newton Meters), the type of output, either a hollow bore, or a shaft with a keyway or a flat. Other variables include the rotation direction, and also the maximum degrees of rotation. 

    We list the most common servo or damper motors here on our web shop, but we have access top the full range of Siemens Damper Motors and Econex Servo Motors so if you cannot find the one you are looking for, just call us or email, and we will get the lead time and send you a quote.

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