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Ignition Transformer

What are Ignition Transformers used for?

Ignition transformers generate the ignition spark of industrial burners. In particular, when energized by power voltage, they generate a high voltage on the output. The transformer output, also defined as high voltage output (HV) is directly connected to the burner ignition electrode, which has its terminal point near the metallic mass and at the triggering point of the flame. At the moment in which the electrode is energized by high voltage, it discharges towards the metallic mass generating an electronic arc that raises the air temperature enough to trigger off the fuel.

If you are unsure as to which Ignition Transformer you require, please call the office and we will be happy to assist you.

Danfoss Ignition Transformers

Danfoss Ignition Transformers

Danfoss manufacture ignition transformers to enable the fast ignition of oil burner which can prove to be difficult at times, especially in low ambient temperatures. These fit a large range of domestic and commercial gas or oil burners.

Satronic Ignition Transformers

Satronic Ignition Transformers

Satronic's range of ignition transformers make it possible to provide a spark for any gas, oil or dual burner. They can also provide a big spark deformation on burners with a high fire rating or high combustion-air velocity.

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