Siemens LMV Burner Management Systems

8 products

    8 products
    Siemens AZL23.00A9 Operator Display For LMV3 Control Box-Display Unit
    Siemens AZL23.00A9 Operator Display For LMV3 Control Box
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    Siemens AZL52.00B1 Operator Display For LMV5 Control Box-Display Unit
    Siemens AZL52 Operator Display For LMV5
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    Siemens OCI410.40 BCI-PC Interface Tool
    Siemens OCI410.40 Interface - BCI to USB
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    Siemens OCI410.20 BCI-PC Interface Tool
    Siemens OCI410.20 Interface - BCI to USB
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    Siemens OCI410.30 BCI-PC Interface Tool
    Siemens OCI410.30 Interface - BCI to USB
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    Siemens LMV37.400 A2
    Siemens LMV37.400A2 Burner Management System
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    Siemens LMV37.420A1 110v Burner Control Box
    Siemens LMV26.300 A2 Control Box
    Siemens LMV26.300A2 Burner Management System
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    The Siemens LMV Range consists of three main products. These are the LMV2/3 range, the LMV5, and the seriously powerful LMV7.

    Siemens LMV2/3 - Microprocessor Control For Standard Applications

    The LMV2/3 burner management system is designed for use with modulating or multi-stage oil or gas burners of medium capacity (up to 1.5MW). These controllers have been designed with user-friendliness in mind and can be used with an LCD interface; this ensures fast setup and commissioning and allows for a simple system overview at ant point in time.

    One of the significant benefits to this microprocessor controlled unit is that mechanical linkages do not have to be designed into the system. Air-fuel ratios can be maintained by the actuators, which can be placed anywhere in the system. These SQM3 and SQN1 actuators are a vital element in the LMV system. They ensure accurate positioning of the air and fuel dampers, thus keeping emissions as low as possible by keeping the combustion in trim.

    The LMV2/3 incorporates burner control, electronic ratio control, and gas valve-proving, all in a simple and well-priced unit.

    The LMV3 is approved for continuous operation when used with an ionisation probe, meaning it is suited to process applications and steam boilers.

    The LMV2/3 system s designed to be mounted on the burner itself or in a nearby panel.

    Siemens LMV System

    Siemens LMV2 and LMV3 Highlights

    • Simple commissioning
    • Integrated air-fuel ratio control
    • Network Control - Modbus Communication
    • One unit for oil and gas-fired operation
    • Integrated gas valve proving
    • VSD control
    • Analog 4-20mA input for load controller
    • Continuous operation with ionisation current supervision
    • Variable actuator running times

    LMV2/3 Specifications and Options:

    Siemens LMV2/3 Options and Specifications

    Siemens LMV5 - Microprocessor Control For Large Burner Systems

    The Siemens LMV5 burner management system is an all in one micro-processor driven burner control system designed for use with larger burners or those requiring minimal NOx output. Along with the standard features found on the LMV2/3, the LMV5 can be equipped with a load controller, VSD control, and 02 combustion optimisation. The load controller features an electronic safety limit stat.

    NOTE: The LMV52.4 also offers a temperature compensated FGR (flue gas recirculation) function for those requiring 'super' low NOx applications.

    The load controller's optional integration is in the form of a PID temperature/pressure controller; this controller includes an in-built algorithm for the cold start of both steam boilers and hot water boilers, reducing start-up wear and tear.

    The LMV5 is well suited to continuous operation with universal infrared flame detectors, UV flame detectors or ionisation probes. Separate inputs and outputs for oil or gas-fired operation deliver useful and accurate diagnostics of all connected components. This feature also allows for the changeover on dual fuel systems without the need for an additional relay. The LMV5 is pre-programmed with 20 different languages and can be configured to allow different access levels to the parameters.

    When combined with the VGD and SKP gas valves, the LMV5 system is suited to use in safety-related systems up to SIL3. The LMV fulfils the requirements laid out in EN746-2.

    Siemens LMV51 - Basic version is available with or without a built-in load controller.

    Siemens LMV52 - Includes the above features plus VSD control, combustion optimisation via O2 trim control, and up to 6 attached actuators.

    Siemens LMV5 System

    Siemens LMV5 Highlights

    • Straightforward installation and maintenance
    • Adjustable safety times according to EN746
    • Connection of external flame safeguards
    • LMV5 system suitable up to SIL3
    • Gas Valve Proving
    • Network Control - Can bus / Modbus Communication
    • Optional Load Controller
    • Super Low NOx Application
    • 20 Languages Available
    • Service friendly backup and restore function with the AZL5
    • Continuous operation
    • Use with up to 6 actuators
    • Direct control of existing PLC's

    LMV5 Specifications and Options:

    SIemens LMV5 Specifications and Options
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