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Riello UV Cells

Riello Photocells

These are all Flame Detectors and UV Photocells manufactured by Riello.

If you would like to purchase Flame Detectors from other manufacturers, please see this page


  • Awaiting Image for Riello Photocell

    Riello Long Photocell - 20132526


    Riello Photocell (long) 20132526 Replacement photocell for Riello light oil burners. Part Number: 20132526 Old part number: 3008646.

  • Riello Short Photocell - 20132553-Photo Cell

    Riello Short Photocell - 20132553


    Riello Photocell (short) 20132553 Replacement Photocell for Riello light oil burners. New part number: 20132553. Old part number: 3007541.

Riello Flame Detectors