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Reflex Gauges

Reflex Gauges | Sight Glasses | Gaskets

Wether you are looking for a complete reflex gauge assembly, a new sight glass for the assembly you already have, or a set of gaskets allowing you to reassemble a gauge you have just serviced, we have the parts to help. All sizes are available, with the most common ones listed here. If you require bulk quantities, please contact us for pricing.

Reflex Gauges

What Is A Reflex Gauge?

Reflex level gauges are used to view the level of liquid or gas inside a vessel. Using the means of refraction, they allow for a clear indication of levels with a clear light and dark delineation.

How Do Reflex Gauges Work?

The medium level inside the level gauge is indicated as the result of the light refraction principle, since the liquid filled area completely absorbs the rays of light and appears dark, whereas the rays of light are totally reflected in the gas/air filled area which appears bright.

Boiler Reflex Gauge

Sight Glass Reflex

Reflex level gauges are made up of a refractive sight glass and a set of sealing gaskets. The type is usually etched onto the side of the glass along with a specified length. The gauge sizes are categorised with a B followed by a number. If you require help with determining the part needed, get in touch.

Reflex Gauge Gaskets

This sight glass will be sealed with gaskets, into an aluminium housing which bolts together. The chamber of this reflex assembly has control valves on either end, to allow for the flow of the measured medium to be switched on or off. It also allows for isolation in the case of servicing.