Siemens Photocell

What is a Photocell?

Photocells are designed to detect the characteristics of the burner, coupled with a suitable flame controller to produce a signal. That signal then issues a response, which allows the system to continue to run in the presence of a flame, or to shut it down in a suitable manner in the absence of a flame.

Photocells are generally only used on commercial and industrial oil burners where a “fail-safe” sensor is required. Well-adjusted gas flames may not emit sufficient light for a photocell to work.

What is a UV Detector?

Ultraviolet detectors (UV) can only react to UV radiation that has a wavelength of less than 300 nm (a solar blind region)

What is an IR Detector?

An IR detector is a pyroelectric sensor that is capable of detecting thermal radiation and is rather sensitive to variations of the received light signal. The IR detector is efficient in smoky environments and on bad burn rate fires (gasoil for instance), but it is sensitive to aqueous environments (frost, fog, etc.) and many other interfering IR sources that are present in the environment.


How Can PHP Help?

Power Heating Plants sell the full range of UV detectors, Photocells and IR detectors. We are also the UK Distributors for BST Solutions. These high end Flame detectors offer a Universal solution and simplify the whole process of selecting the correct cell for the application. Call us for technical support or have a look throught the datasheets on the product pages for info.

Siemens QRA2 UV Cell

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