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burner motor

What is a Burner Motor used for?

Burner Motors are used to drive the fuel pump which provides the oil to the nozzle for ignition. The Burner Motors also powers the fan which provides the required amount of oxygen for combustion and directs the flame.

If you are unsure as to which Burner Motor you require, please call the office and we will be happy to assist you.

Motors For Every Burner Application

With such a varied range of motors in stock, we can ensure that you get the right replacement motor for your suited purpose. These oil burner motors are available in different sizes, flange mounts and power ratings, these factors can depend on the specifications of the burner being used.

Which Motor do I need?


At Power Heating Plants, we sell a large variety of Burner Motors to suite every one of your needs. We stock the vast majority of Gas Burner, Oil Burner and Fan motors for Ecoflam, Elco and Nuway burners. We also stock motors for Oil pumps. Motors are available in single phase 230VAC or 3 phase 415 VAC in all power outputs.

Why Buy Burner Motors From Power Heating Plants?

We have the stock and the knowledge to get you or your customer back up and running quickly! Did we mention we also have some of the most competitive prices on the web?