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Gas Valve Actuators

Siemens Gas Valves

Siemens SKP Gas Valves. The Siemens SKP is available in four different versions, a basic open/closed actuator, an open/closed actuator with constant pressure governor, with differential pressure governor, or with pressure ratio controller. Each actuator is compatible with all nominal valve sizes and can be fitted to the valve in various positions.

We sell all SKP's and can supply the replacement solenoids. We also sell the matching valve bodies allowing you to purchase the entire valve train.

Gas Valve Actuators

What do Siemens SKP Valves Offer?

Siemens gas valves and actuators of the VGD / SKP line are based on decades of experience. More than one million Siemens gas valves are installed in the field, operating on a host of different applications be it in the commercial heating market or in industrial firing systems. The modular concept of the VGD / SKP line has been continually improved with regard to functionality, robustness and user friendliness. This has enabled Siemens to make a host of improvements, for example, dramatically reducing the electrical power consumption. This has resulted in an unrivalled level of efficiency for the gas valve market.

Siemens SKP Design Features

Each actuator is compatible with all nominal valve sizes and can be fitted to the valve in various positions. The settings are made independently of the nominal size of valve. All operating elements are located on the same side. This simplifies operation and improves service friendliness. The actuators feature an LED to indicate power on. All types of actuator with control function feature stroke indication (=valve stroke).

Simple Operation and Mounting

The actuator’s current position and control behaviour can be viewed at a glance. Also, the actuator can be equipped with an optional integrated end switch. Siemens smart plug-and-play solution is extremely easy to mount and service-friendly: The actuator can simply be connected via a DIN connector. End switches (CPI) are factory set. Together with the captive screws, mounting time is thus minimised: Simply fit it, connect it and turn power on.

During commissioning or when service work is carried out, the burner pressure can be checked via a test point directly on the SKP’s pressure governor.