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Fireye Control Boxes

Fireye Solid State Burner Control Boxes

Looking for a replacement box and its base? See the bundles section in the product page for special offers!


  • Fireye BurnerPRO Control Box - Replaces LFL LGK TMG-Control Box
    Save 45%

    Fireye BurnerPRO Control Box - Replaces LFL LGK TMG

    Original price £409.60
    Current price £225.00

    Technical Specifications: Burner Pro controls gas and oil fired burners - replaces LFL and LGK Fi...

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Fireye Control Boxes

Fireye control boxes are compact, microprocessor-based, primary flame safeguard control systems designed to provide the proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring for on-off, multistage, or modulating burners used in commercial heating and process equipment firing oil and gas fuels.