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Gas Filters

Gas Filters

Suitable for Gas, and Air filtration and used in gas trains to protect equipment, here you will find filters in a wide variety of sizes with different throughputs and inlet and outlets.

Gas Filters

What are gas filters used for?

Gas Filters can be used to filter gases from families 1,2 and 3. They are designed to protect downstream fittings by stopping harmful particles passing through damaging sensitive equipment and affecting the operation of valves etc.

The filter elements are made from a random laid non-woven polypropylene fabric with a metal support frame. The pore width of this filter is ≤ 50 µm.

What do they filter?

The filter will catch particles of dust, rust and other air or gas borne debris. These are all retained by the fabric filter.

Gas Filter Maintenance

Gas filter housings should last for a very long time. The filters inside the housings must be changed every 12 months as part of a standard burner maintenance schedule. If they are not changed, particles will eventually inhibit the flow of gas, or even pass through the filter causing possible damage.