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Electric Boiler Element

Electrical Heating Elements For Steam Boilers

We offer a full range of Electric Elements for Electric Steam Boilers. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To find the correct element for your electric boiler, please use the kW rating or search for the manufacturers part number. If you cannot find the correct element listed, we can help, just give us a call.

Electrical Heating Elements

We Can Supply Elements For The Following Ranges:

  • Fulton - Mini Compack
  • Fulton - Midi Compack
  • Fulton - Dragon
  • Fulton - Electropack

Boiler Element Maintenance

To protect the element and prolong its life, it is essential that regular inspections are carried out.

The most common causes of element failure are excessive build-up of scale and corrosive attack. Both causes are due to adverse water conditions.

Scale build up significantly shortens the life of an electric element. Scale possesses excellent insulating qualities and a build up of scale on the element prevents the heat generated by the element being transferred to the water. This, in turn causes the element to overheat and burn out. If the scale is loose and powdery, it can be removed with a wire brush, hardened scale must be removed using a chemical cleaning agent.

Electric Element For Boiler

Can I store a spare element?

Elements, if stored correctly have an indefinite shelf life. Problems will only arise if they are stored in damp or humid conditions. This is due to moisture being absorbed into the insulation as the elements are fitted with a breathable seal. It is worth carrying out an electrical insulation test on your element prior to fitting. If the reading is low then heating up the element inside an oven at approx 300°C for 3 hours should restore it to its original state.