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Elco Vectron Burners

Elco Burners Up To 2MW

ELCO has an extensive portfolio of commercial boilers, heating and hot water products, including the latest renewable technologies. Suitable for both residential and commercial buildings, elco burners are compatible with a variety of fuel types, including gas and oil.

With a new burner it will need to be carefully matched to the existing Hot water or steam boiler we can assist with selection of the correct burner for your application. If you require such help, please email us with the details and we will reply as quickly as possible to your enquiry.

Elco Vectron Burners

Vectron Burners - A Quality Solution

VECTRON burners offer gas and light oil burner series that capitalises on 90 years of experience in the development of burners in all sizes. All Elco Vectron burners are well known for their ease of installation, maintenance, and adjustment; all embedded in one excellent product.

These burners have an output range from 11 - 2300kW, ensuring that whatever your burner requirements are, the Vectron series has you covered.

Intuitive and Interactive Communication

Elco has designed the Vectron burners to integrate the innovative MDE2 System and Elcogram, a universal language composed of pictograms and numerical data. This ensures that anyone can read the information given; it also provides real-time operation data for professional operators.

Maintaining Your Vectron Burner

The Vectron burner series grant cost benefits and high performance on all their models; in order to do this, Elco implemented features that allow quick and efficient burner maintenance. The Vectrons combustion parts can be easily removed and cleaned; even when the parts are disassembled, they can be swiftly put back in place ready for operation again.

Vectron - Low Emissions

Low emission regulations are now in place all over the world; ELCO has been making burners to conform and exceed these regulations. The Vectron burner has a range targeted to this field, with low and ultra-low NOx combustion technologies being used to offer you more efficient, reliable and advanced burner solutions.

Clean and Silent

Vectron burners are devoted to eco-friendly solutions. The benefits of this include lower electric consumption and being completely recyclable. The Vectron low emissions versions comply and exceed the most stringent European directives, including:

  • Low NOx class 3 in light oil (<120 mg/kWh) and in gas (<80 mg/kWh).
  • Ultra-Low NOx models in compliance with the ErP Directive. (<120 mg/kWh in light oil and <56 mg/kWh in gas).

Why Buy From Power Heating Plants?

Here at PHP, we only sell products we know, use and have researched extensively. This is to ensure that when you buy from us, you are guaranteed the best quality products for the lowest possible price. If you have any questions though, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team who will be more than happy to help.