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Econex Actuators and Servo Motors

With a wide range of Servo motors and geared motors to suit a broad range of applications Econex have become a popular brand with OEMs. This means more demand for spares, and we have that covered.

We can offer ANY of the Econex range, with the AG8 and the AR kept in stock and all others variants available on short lead times, we are well placed to fulfil large or small orders.

Looking for a different type of Servo Motor? See this page for the full range.

Econex Actuators

Econex AB1 Damper Motor

Econex AB1 Servo Motor

The AB1 electric and electronic rotary gear motors have been specially designed to be installed on industrial and residential combustion systems. They are particularly suitable for the control and regulation of modulating valves, butterfly valves, dampers and other fluid regulation systems requiring an angular positioning within 90° or 180°. The AB1 motor is unipolar and bidirectional with high static and maintaining torque, can operate on 3-position in the electric version or be piloted by analogical input signal in current or voltage in the electronic version.

Econex AR2 Rotary Gear Motor

Econex AR2 Servo Motor

AR2 gear motors are specially designed to be installed in industrial combustion plants and are particularly suitable to control modulating valves, ball valves, butterfly dampers and other devices for the regulation of fluids in air conditioning and heating systems.

AR2 electric motor is bidirectional with high static and maintaining torque, for 2 or 3 position operation. AR2 electronic version is controlled by analogical input signal in current or voltage and on request with output signal in current or voltage.

Econex AG8 Damper Actuator

Econex AG8 Servo Motor

The electric actuator belonging to AG8 series is designed to operate gas valves and air dampers in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The compact design and universal adapter fitted with limitation of rotation angle make this actuator highly versatile.

The AG8 actuators comply with the EMC Directive 2004/108/CE and Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE.