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Ecoflam Max 1 - One Stage Low Nox Light Oil Burner - 18Kw - 41Kw - Burner

Ecoflam MAX 1 One Stage - 18-41kW - TC 3142915

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Ecoflam MAX 1 - One Stage Light Oil Burner - 18-41kW - TC 3142915 The MAX burner is a single-stage, fully-automatic monoblock-type burner. It is ...

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Ecoflam Max 1 Burner and Spares Page

Looking for spares for your Ecoflam Max 1 Burner? Not sure which parts fit it and which parts are required? This page has every part required to service or repair your Max 1 and restore it to full working order.

Have you added the parts required to your basket and now you are wondering if it will be easier to install a complete new burner? Just click the link to the left (above on mobile view) and you will be taken to the New Burner page.

Require more information?

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a blow up diagram of the burner and its components and a few more useful links to assist with the Max 1.

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Ecoflam Max 1 Burner Spares

MAX 1 Burner Diagrams

Ecoflam Max 1 Burner Diagram

Please Note: If you require any of the parts from this diagram that are not in the picture above, please contact us and we will send you a quote and lead time with a payment link.