Dungs MV-DLE Solenoid Valves

5 products

    5 products
    Dungs MVDLE 220/5 Gas Valve
    Dungs MVDLE 220/5 Safety Shutoff Valve - 11775
    from £326.75
    Dungs MVDLE 205/5 Gas Valve
    Dungs MVDLE 205/5 Safety Shutoff Valve - 13284
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    inc VAT £185.00
    Dungs MVDLE 207/5 Gas Valve
    Dungs MVDLE 207/5 Safety Shutoff Valve - 13276
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    inc VAT £212.68
    Dungs MVDLE 210/5 Gas Valve
    Dungs MVDLE 210/5 Safety Shutoff Valve - 13524
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    inc VAT £234.28
    Dungs MVDLE 215/5 Gas Valve
    Dungs MVDLE 215/5 Safety Shutoff Valve - 15412
    from £219.35

    Dungs MVDLE Safety Shut Off Valves

    Every Dungs MVDLE Safety Valve is available from Power Heating Plants. The MVD-LE valve is a slow opening valve with an adjustable fast stroke for start up volume.

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    Dungs MVDLE Data Sheets

    Dungs MVDLE

    Dungs MVDLE Safety Shut Off Valve

    Dual-stage safety solenoid valve

    Max. Operating pressure: 200/360/500 mbar

    Nominal diameter: Rp 1/2 - Rp 2 1/2, DN 40 - DN 200

    Approvals: EN 161

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