Siemens LOA24.171 B27 Burner Control Box

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Siemens Landis LOA24.171B27 Oil Control Box

Alternative Part Number: LOA2

This Siemens LOA24.171B27 Control Box (220/240v) fits a wide range of Oil Burners / Boilers in the UK & around the World.


The LOA are used for the startup, supervision and control of single or 2 stage forced draft oil burners in intermittent operation.

Yellow burning flames are supervised with photoresistive detectors - QRB, blueburning flames with blue-flame detectors - QRC.

  • Forced draft oil burners conforming to EN 267
  • Oil atomization burners as monoblocks conforming to EN 230

The difference between 01 series and 02 series is the duration of the safety time for the pilot burner of burners equipped with pilot gas valves.

Design Specifications

  • The housing is made of impact-proof, heat-resistant and flame-retarding plastic.
  • The oil burner control is of plug-in design and engages audibly in its base.
  • The housing accommodates the: - thermal-electric sequence switch - flame signal amplifier with the flame relay - lockout reset button with its integrated fault indication lamp


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Siemens LOA2 LOA3 Control Box

Siemens LOA24.171 B27 Burner Control Box

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