Honeywell TF834.3 230v 02234 Burner Control Box

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Honeywell / Satronic TF 834.3 230V Burner Control Box


The TF 834.3 or TF 836.3 oil burner safety control boxes are suitable to control and monitor oil power burner up to 30 kg/ h capacity (approved and certified according to EN230).

1-stage operation post-ignition time ca. 20 sec. low voltage protection according to EN230

A special contact in the control unit short-circuits the thermo-switch of the oil preheater as soon as the burner is operating and the flame signal is present. Therefore interruption of the burner due to decreasing oil temperature (e.g. in case of high oil flow) can be prevented. If the control box goes into lock-out mode, the oil preheater power supply is also disconnected.

Honeywell TF 834.3 Benefits

The TF 834.3 features a manual reset from lockout provided by a push button with an integrated lockout signal lamp. A central fixing screw locks the control box to the wiring base. The wiring base and control box have a positive plug-in arrangement. A variety of cable entry points provides utmost flexibility of electrical wiring


  • Operating Voltage: 220/240V
  • Lockout safety time: 10 Seconds.
  • Photoresistor MZ 770 S
  • Infrared flicker detector IRD 1010.
  • Weight: 250g
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Temperature: 0° C - +60° C

TF 834.3 Control Box Dimensions

Control Boxes Height Width Depth
TF832.3 86mm 60mm 62.5mm
TF834.3 86mm 60mm 62.5mm

Honeywell TF834.3 230v 02234 Burner Control Box