Satronic control box

What are Control Boxes used for?

The burner or boiler control box determines the burner operation by selecting different pre-determined processes. This takes place by means of camshaft-operated micro-switches on older style control boxes. More recent boxes are digitally controlled. Power Heating Plants can supply all of the common control boxes at very competitive prices. We can supply any quantity too, from a one-off Control Box to 200 of the same Control box for larger OEM's.

Should you have an existing burner, and you are unsure of the control box fitted, please call our office and we will usually be able to tell you which control box is fitted and which replacement you will need.

Why Buy Control Boxes From Power Heating Plants?

We have the stock and the knowledge to get you or your customer back up and running quickly! Did we mention we also have some of the most competitive prices for Control Boxes on the web? We are also distributers for Fireye.