Ecoflam MAX 4 One Stage Oil Burner 20-59kW - TC 3142916 (Short Blast Tube)

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Ecoflam MAX 4 TC Burner Features

Output (Nominal):

Min: 20 kW

Max: 59 kW

Control Box: Thermowatt E-BCU

Flow Rate: 1.7 kg/h

Power Supply: 230 v

Motor: 75w

Operation:  1 Stage


Easy Installation

  • Electrical wiring simple to disassemble for easy maintenance.
  • Combustion head easy to assemble and adjust for fine set up.
  • Single bolt burner fixing with the possibility to firmly secure it to the flange in three different positions for easier maintenance.
  • Air damper with progressive micrometric air regulation adjustable in three positions.

Safety Functions

A safety shutdown occurs:

- if a flame signal is present during pre-ventilation (parasitic flame monitoring).

- if no flame is produced within 5 seconds (safety time) of start-up (fuel authorisation).

- if no flame is produced after an unsuccessful restart attempt in the event of flame failure during operation.

A safety shutdown is indicated by the malfunction lamp lighting up and it is then only possible to reenable the burner by pressing the reset button after the cause of the malfunction has been rectified.


Ecoflam Max 4 TC Manual
Ecoflam Max 4 Spare Parts
Click on the icon to view the manual for this burner: Need Spares for your Max 4 Burner? Click on the icon below:
Ecoflam Max 4 Manual

MAX 4 Dimensions

TC 3142916 Dimensions

TC - Short Blast Tube - 90mm

The MAX 4 TC burner is a single-stage, fully-automatic monoblock-type burner. It is suitable for use, within its range of performance, with boilers complying with EN 303 or hot-air generators in line with DIN 4794, DIN 30697 or EN 621. This model is fitted with a short blast tube.

Oil Burner Type A B C D D1 E F G I L M
MAX 4 TC 297mm 149mm 148mm 90mm 145mm 204mm 89mm 160mm 90/107 90/107 M8

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