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BST Universal Flame Detectors

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BST Universal Flame Detectors - Use with ANY Control Box!

What do BST Solutions UV Detectors Offer? Why should you use one in place of the standard Flame detector you use? Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out...

BST Solutions Flame Detectors

Why Choose A BST Universal Flame Detector?

Universal UV Detectors

BST UV Detectors are universally certified, meaning they are suitable for use with ANY control box or control system on the market. They are both UL and CE marked.

The BST range has been designed for use in both domestic heating systems and industrial combustion equipment. With a wide range of products designed to suit oil and gas burners, condensing oil burners, and dual fuel burners BST have a flame detector suitable fo ANY application.

The BST Product Range

BST Solutions specialise in optical flame monitoring systems. Using the vast research carried out in larger flame detector systems by its sister company BFI Automation, BST have designed a product that reaches beyond current legislation allowing you to spec the right solutions for future requirements as well as current.

For example, in gas burner applications, if the flame rod is compromised by a bad ground or is subject to a large amount of ambient heat leading to the flame rod becoming isolated, this could lead to a burner failure. A flame detector can easily replace the flame rod. The BST flame detector simulates an ionisation signal to the burner control box and eliminates the issues with ambience. Adjustments at the flame detector are not necessary, reducing potential for error, increasing uptime, and therefore reducing running costs.

BST Set the Pace

BST Solutions has set a number of innovative milestones in flame monitoring technology over the years. These cover the entire spectrum of flame monitoring, from basic research, procedures right through to electronic circuits.

Safety Is Priority

The growing demands on safety and increasing significance of environmental protection are posing new challenges for burners. The range of BST products offers the right flame monitoring for every combustion process.

BST KLC10 Universal UV Flame Detector

Is a Compact UV-flame detector for domestic heating and single burner applications. Suitable for Gas, Oil and Dual fuel burners. The KLC 10 flame detector has been developed to meet the requirements of EN 298:c2012 for burner management control units which make a ‘no-flame’ check after normal burner shut down when the flame amplifier is permanently energised. This Flame detector must be disconnected for started up once each day.

  • Flame detector KLC 10/230 R (radial)
  • Flame detector KLC 10/230 RS (radial high sensitivity*)
  • Flame detector KLC 10/230 RA (radial & axial**)
  • Flame detector KLC 10/230 RAS (radial & axial** &sensitive*)

* Higher sensitivity reduces the lifetime of the UV-tube.

**On axial orientation, sensitivity is reduced about approx. 40%.

BST KLC11 Compact UV Flame Detector

The KLC 11 is a Compact UV flame detector for heating and single burner applications. Suitable for Gas, Oil and combined fuel burners. After connecting to the power supply, internal increase of the UV tube voltage directly guarantees the safety requirements of EN298:2012 by checking for an interruption of the UV. Therefore an easy change from ionisation monitoring to the KLC 11 is possible also on burner controllers without UV input.

  • Flame detector KLC 11/230 radial
  • Flame detector KLC 11/230 radial & axial**

KLC 20 Wide Band Flame Detector

The wide band KLC 20 is a compact flame detector specially developed for blue burning systems on residential fan driven burners. The KLC 20 uses flicker frequency of the detected flame (patented) to detect a flame. A microprocessor evaluates and converts the flame signal to a digital signal that is compatible with most burner controls having external wire terminals. No adjustments are required by the engineer servicing or commissioning the device. Diagnostic software is available for flame monitoring and collecting diagnostic info.

  • Flame detector KLC 20/230 , 25/15 Hz, DFC
  • Flame detector KLC 20/230 , 25/15 Hz
  • Flame detector KLC 20/24 DC , 25/15 Hz, DFC
  • Flame detector KLC 20/24 DC, 25/15 Hz
  • Flame detector KLC 20/24 AC, 25/15 Hz, DFC
  • Flame detector KLC 20/24 AC, 25/15 Hz

KLC Series in EX Housing - Zone 1 Approved

An ATEX / Ex-housing for Zone 1 is now available for the KLC devices. All KLC variants can be supplied with this housing as standard. The Ex versions are supplied with a 3m long connection cable. The ½" connection flange provides a simple mounting and is identical to the flange of the IFx series. In addition, the connection flanges can be exchanged to a flange with purge air connector quickly. (See accessories IFx series).

  • Ex-Flame controller KLC 10
  • Ex-Flame controller KLC 10
  • Ex-Flame controller KLC 20

Quality - Designed and Engineered In Germany

BST Solutions pays particular attention to the complete testing ofits devices before they are delivered to the customer. Thisguarantees our customers full and long term operational reliabilityduring use. BST pay attention to the best quality, starting from thechoice of materials. This is anotherreason for the reliability of our products.