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ABB Variable Speed Drives Ensure Reliable And Effortless Operation

ACH580 HVAC drives prioritise comfort, something we take for granted, especially in the buildings we work and live. To be comfortable though requires a comprehensive HVAC system; controlling your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be difficult, regulating the temperature while maintaining the air we breathe is pure. When a specific temperature needs to be maintained, energy efficiency and cost-effective equipment need to be implemented.

Built-in features of the ACH580 HVAC drive reduce commissioning time, add value to existing control systems and provide easy diagnostics and troubleshooting. The ACH580 has common features throughout the entire product family, making it simpler for you to use throughout your entire installation.


ABB ACH580 Product Range

ABB ACH580-01 HVAC Drive

ABB ACH580-01

Wall-mounted drives up to 250kW with IP21 or IP55 protection class.

ABB ACH580-04 HVAC Drive

ABB ACH580-04

Drive modules from 250 to 500kW providing a high power range while maintaining a compact size.

ABB ACH580-07 HVAC Drive

ABB ACH580-07

Cabinet-built drives with a power output range of 75-500kW featuring optimised cooling.

ABB ACH580-31 HVAC Drive

ABB ACH580-31

Ultra-low harmonic drive series. Excellent harmonics performance.

ACH580 Features

In the menu of the ACH580, there's a new primary settings menu that allows you to commission and program the drive based on your application. Sleep and time apertures are built into the ACH580 for automatic power-saving features to stop the drive from running when it isn't needed, therefore saving power and money.

The ACH580 reduces costs, one of the ways it does this is by eliminating dependencies on external controllers. ABB's technology in this drive ensures a smooth start-up, the ACH580 will ensure that all the equipment such as the dampers are in the right position and the sensors are showing the correct status before the operation begins.

ACH580 Benefits

  • Wide power range
  • Easy to install, commission and use.
  • Reliable connectivity with major automation and control systems
  • Control a wide range of motors for any HVAC application
  • Optimised energy efficiency
  • All hardware in one package
  • Intuitive control panel with optional Bluetooth capability
ABB ACH580 Banner

ACH580 Series - Common Characteristics

HVAC control panel with primary settings

  • Primary settings make commissioning the drive easier than ever before
  • The optional Bluetooth enabled control panel allows easy smartphone connection and remote support possible
  • Easily available USB interface for PC and tool connection
  • Help button for problem-solving

HVAC communication protocols

  • The most common HVAC communication protocols - BACnet MS/TP, N2 and Modbus RTU - as standard
  • BACnet/IP with an internal option

ATEX-certified PTC thermistor support

  • Extensive I/O connections for flexible configuration in various applications
  • Coloured terminals for easy configuration

Ingress protection

  • ACH580 drives are available in multiple different IP and UL/NEMATODE classes

Suitable for various HVAC applications

  • Suitable not only for variable-torque applications like fans and pumps but also for basic constant torque applications like compressors
  • Support for induction, PM and SynRM motors

Reliability and Quality

  • All units are tested under full load at the maximum allowed ambient temperature to verify the quality
  • Printed circuit boards have and extra coating to protect against humid and harsh environments

Harmonic mitigation options

  • The ACH580-01 has swinging chokes as standard for harmonic mitigation
  • Compliant with IEC/EN61000-3-12
  • The ACH580-31 ultra-low harmonic drive has an even better solution for more demanding environments, with a THDi as low as 3 percent, meaning the ACH580-31 meets even the strictest IEEE519 requirements

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