3Ph Motors 0.75kW - 18.5kW

3 Phase Motors - Available From Power Heating Plants

Our 3 Phase motors all conform to the IEC frame sizing standards. We keep stock of all 3 phase electric motors from 0.75kW up to 18.5kW. These motors are rated for use with Inverters and are suitable for continuous use.

All of our aluminium motors feature sealed for life bearings, meaning that servicing can be kept to a minimum. The fans and cowls are also separate units which can be replaced if damaged, without replacing the entire motor. All Universal Aluminium Motors feature cast feet which can be moved to change the orientation of the terminal box.

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Which Electric Motor Do I Need?


Motor Plate

Step 1

The fact that we sell IEC specification motors means that if you have a 'Brand X' motor currently fitted to your burner, we can replace it with a like for like motor just by looking at the metal 'motor plate' and selecting the same frame size and rating. All we require from you, is a clear photograph of the motor plate, and if possible the motor as a whole. From these we can determine the mounting and the electrical details of your motor, and spec a like for like replacement.

Motor Details Send

Step 2

Once we receive the photograph of the plate to sales@powerheatingplants.com we can establish a few fundamental parameters. These will include the power, the number of poles and the voltage. If it is an IEC framed motor we will also be able to establish the frame size. If you would like us to do this for you, please just send us a picture of your plate.

3 Phase Motor

Step 3

We will then be able to reply to you with a suitable motor. These motors are available in both aluminium and cast iron. Aluminium motors are usually used where the atmosphere is damp or where weight is a consideration. We will offer the most suitable motor for your application. Then it's just a simple matter of buying it and fitting it to your application.

What does Poles Mean When Referring To An Electric Motor?

A motors base speed is usually determined by the number of poles it has. The less poles, the higher the maximum speed, with more poles, the speed decreases, but the torque produced by the motor increases. The table below is a nominal guide. Depending on the efficiency of your motor, these will be slightly different (IE2 or IE3).

Number of Poles In Motor
2 Pole 3000rpm (approx)
4 Pole 1500rpm (approx)
6 Pole 1000rpm (approx)
8 Pole 750rpm (approx)

I Need To Slow My Motor Down To xxxx rpm

If the Output speed you require from your motor doesn't match the ones in the chart this is not a problem. If you use a VSD (Variable Speed Drive) sometimes referred to as an Inverter, you can alter the speed of the motor anywhere between 0 and 100% of its speed to get the exact RPM you require for your fan.

Motor Inverter

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What are the different Motor mounting options?

There are a variety of IEC standard motor mounts available. These are Foot Mounted Motors, Flange Mounted Motors and Face Mounted Motors, all of these can be referred to by a letter and number combination. Have a look at the quick look references below to help:

Foot Mount

B3 Mount Motor

Motor B3

Flange Mount

B5 Mount Motor

Motor B3

Face Mounted

B14 Mount Motor

Motor B3

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